Why a Wrap is Such a Good Marketing Option


Bang for the Buck

Vehicle wraps are an innovative way to reach thousands of potential customers for a relatively small initial investment. It is a great way to generate interest and build awareness for your product or service. By turning your car or fleet of vehicles into colorful mobile billboards, thousands of people per day will be exposed to your company logo or message.


The Numbers are Attractive

Let’s assume your $3,500 vehicle wrap is seen by 5,000 people per day, a low estimate for most medium sized cities. Your investment will have generated 1,825,000 impressions each year that it is on the road. When compared to other advertising like billboards, radio, television, and newspaper, vehicle wraps are far less Cost Per Thousand, the efficiency term used by marketing gurus.

Another simple way to illustrate wrapvertising’s advantages over conventional media is to compare it to billboards. For your hypothetical $3,500 investment, you can rent a billboard for approximately one month, or you can own a wrap for up to 60 months. Owning is better than renting. 60 is more than 1. This ain’t rocket science.


Your Competition Hasn’t Thought of this Yet

Vehicle wrap advertising, or wrapvertising, is a fairly new concept. Not everyone is aware of its benefits. This can be used to your advantage. Wrapped vehicles are unique and stand out from traditional advertising.

Wrapvertising should be a valuable component of your advertising plan. It is truly a “no brainer“.